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Pima County’s proposed “green”-building rating system gives points for what houses don’t have.

One big difference between Pima County’s proposed “green”-building rating system and those developed nationally is that Pima County’s gives you points for what you don’t do.
Don’t lay carpet? Get a point.
Don’t paint the walls? Another point.
No garage? No swimming pool? Two points each.

Arizona Daily Star article here.

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  1. pxsteel Says:

    For those that think that not having a garage is better for the environment, please reconsider. I understand that I am in the minority of Arizonan’s that actually use their garage for what it was intended, protecting your automobiles. I get that they are trying to say that a garage simply adds to the sq ft that is not needed for living space and that it increases the amount of material used in construction.


    During the past 3 months the temperature inside my garage has stayed about 15 degrees above the outside temperature. The fact that my car is warmer means that it reaches optimum running temperature much quicker, reducing both fuel use and emissions. Being parked in the garage instead of out in the elements means that I don’t have to wash it as often, saving water. It also means that both the interior and exterior stay newer longer negated the need for a new vehicle. A vehicle parked in a garage is about 1000 time less likely to be stolen. Stolen vehicles affect everyone, the costs just in Arizona is in the 100s of millions. Not to mention the factory has to build you another one, do you know haw many materials go into your average sedan?

    I think someone needs to redo the math.

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