Check out this sustainable home near Flagstaff. |

Check out this sustainable home near Flagstaff.

This house being built in Bellemont, AZ is one of only four Leed platinum certified homes in the U.S. It will produce more energy then it consumes and gets 100% of it’s water from rain and snow melt.

The heart of this is an automated system that controls conditions inside the home. It monitors indoor and outdoor temperature and opens or closes windows to keep the inside comfortable. It monitors humidity and keeps it at comfortable levels as well. It keeps track of power production and use from it’s solar panels and wind turbine and can give the homeowner a rundown of their energy usage.

This house also is not connected to any public water or sewer lines. All of it’s water is collected from rain and snow melt and can store up to 35,000 gallons of water which should be enough to keep the house going for 2 years. Gray water is used to water a on site apple orchid.

Sustainable home being built near Flagstaff AZ

Check out the many other features this house has at the link below.

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