Meet Algae Biofuel Researchers And Tour Their Lab At ASU Polytechnic Campus April 22nd. |

Meet Algae Biofuel Researchers And Tour Their Lab At ASU Polytechnic Campus April 22nd.

This has been changed from April 17th to April 22nd.

This is a great opportunity to meet Mark Edwards, Milton Summerfeld, and Hu Qiang ASU Polytechnic’s leading researchers of Algae for use in biofuels. They will be talking about their research and giving a tour of their lab. Head over there and learn about what is looking to be one of the next generation feedstock of biofuels.

Arizona State University
Tuesday 22 April 08
Cooley A at MU, 3 pm


Algae Collaboratory

The Collaboratory broadens core algae solutions from the Laboratory for Algae Research and Biotechnology , LARB, to a social network designed to engage global collaborators for R&D on scale-up of commercial algae production at every stage of algae growth, development, harvest and processing. AlgaeLab1 acts to enhance algae characteristics such as high value oils, carbohydrates and proteins and to reduce production and processing costs. Why algae? Imagine a food and biofuel solution that:

• Does not compete with food crops for land and precious water
• Makes polluted, saline and wastewater clean enough to use for irrigation
• Creates a positive ecological footprint with minimal waste and lots of O2
• Grows in a wide range of temperature zones and altitudes
• May be produced on a small, medium or commercial scale

AlgaeLab1 focuses on algae based-solutions that target:
1. Foods – lower cost, healthier human foods, additives and nutrients
2. Biofuels — jet fuel, JP-8, green diesel, hydrogen, methane and ethanol
3. Water testing and treatment – gray water and wastewater treatment as well as remediation of industrial, animal and human wastes, including mercury, nitrogen and pharmaceuticals in drinking water
4. Medicines – low cost nanotechnology production methods for medicines, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and high-value nutrients
5. Value added co-products – emulsifiers, softeners, colorings and other food additives
6. Feeds – feeds, medicines and additives for animals, birds and fish
7. Fertilizers – solutions with low energy inputs and low cost
8. End smoke death — the second leading cause of death in developing countries occurs from wood smoke used for cooking fires (firewood needs also lead to deforestation)
9. Marketing new foods — new techniques and conveyance to overcome consumer aversion to hat many see as “yicky, slicky green slime”

Algae Lab Event and Tour Information

Article about some of their research: Bioreactors create a marriage of minds

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