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Green With Envy Organic Hair Studio

Green with Envy Organic Hair Studio
Optima Camel View Village, Suite 107, (Highland Ave & Scottsdale Rd)
7147 E. Rancho Vista Drive, #107
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: 480.553.7235

When most people think of environmentally friendly they think of crunchy hippies.. well.. less so these days but there is still that stigma that green and glamorous cannot go hand in hand. Green With Envy, a new hair salon in Scottsdale, blows this myth out of the water. With everything from their LEED certified building with denim insullation, water and energy efficient gadgets, toxin-free products all the way down to recycling the hair clippings they produce to make mats that help in the remediation of oil spills! Ok, so we know they have the Green part down but how is their service?

They have an introductory deal this month offering haircuts for $35 so you don’t have to take my word, you can’t afford to not go take them up on this deal. My friend, Abby (photo at the end of this post), turned me on to this place and I couldn’t pass it up. After hearing about all of thier great environmental aspirations I just had to try them. She got her hair cut first, loved it, and the next day it was my turn. The building itself is gorgeous with panels of sandstone all over the place, lush vegetation and water features, not the type of place you would associate with stringent environmental adherance but these LEED engineers know what they’re doing and efficiency is #1. There is no skimping in visual appeal, the Green With Envy salon is funky and clean with modern decor and a cheerful, restorative vibe.

Maggie Fink, the owner of Green with envy, is extremely friendly and dedicated to a great salon that does no harm to the planet. She was right up front when I came in and offered me some tea (which was fantastic, by the way). The entire staff was relaxed, fast, and friendly, not to mention terrifically talented! I could have fallen right to sleep when they washed my hair and massaged my scalp with quality shampoo that was scented with pure essential oils rather than the barage of chemical fragrance found in most salons. My stylist was Eric, I brought in a picture of what I was looking for and he did exactly what I was hoping for with the cut. A few more organic yummy products, some blow drying and I was out the door, looking great and feeling even better knowing that the locally owned Green with Envy Organic Hair Studio shares some of my values about the environment and is shaping their business around that.

Hey! That's me!

I was so pleased with the results and would highly recommend this salon to anyone looking for a more eco-friendly way to stay beautiful without hurting the planet and support local business.

From their website,


  • Designed by a LEED certified architect
  • First salon in the valley to exclusively use EcoColors (a non toxic color line) and carry and use only organic products
  • We donate the hair clippings to a non profit organization that uses them to create mats that clean up oil spills
  • Our sign and front desk were made using Kirei board, an eco-friendly substitute for wood, manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw.
  • Soy-based concrete sealer
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Recycled denim insulation
  • No VOC paint
  • Recycling Tank-less water heater
  • No aerosols
  • Recycled and reused fixtures for furniture and décor
  • Hybrid computers that use 70% less electricity than the average desktop.

  • Abby's awesome new haircut! Thanks to her for sharing her discovery with memore efficient spacey looking dryerscomfy styling stationseven the sinks are stylish and water-conserving

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    1. Bruce Brownlee Says:

      Sounds neat. Do you know what level of LEED certification the building is at? Platinum? Gold? Bronze?

    2. Vesta Elliott Says:


    3. Julie Dennis Says:

      By far one of the best ideas that came to fuition in the Valley.

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