the desert loves rain |

the desert loves rain

image from Kevin Dooley on flickr

We’ve had such nice weather these last few days! The air smells of creosote and the temperatures have lightened up. Our garden is really soaking it up and is super happy. These pictures were taken about a week or two ago and it feels like things have nearly doubled in size, especially the squash. I wish we had a rainwater harvesting system set up but at least we have done a few things like planting in low areas and making little berms around plants so they can retain the water they get. Happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody! Lets hope for more rain.

9 Responses

  1. DJ Says:

    Very nice garden!

  2. Tracy Perkins Says:

    Thanks, Dean! I’m sure it is nothing compared to your place but it makes us happy. :c)

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